Halo X

myPhone Halo X is a mobile phone with 3.5-inch touchscreen display IPS, which is a combination of...

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myPhone Halo X

Simple Life

myPhone Halo X

myPhone Halo X is one of a kind on the market of mobile devices. It is a combination of smartphone and mobile phone in one with specially adjusted operational system.

The ease and convenience

myPhone Halo X is a mobile phone with 3.5-inch touchscreen display IPS, which is a combination of smartphone and mobile phone in one. The simplified interface makes active use extremely comfortable. It has a 2MP camera with flash LED, a battery with capacity of 1400mAh gives a standby time up to 30 days, and the docking station allows for convenient charging at any time.

Docking station in the box

myPhone Halo X

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2MP camera with flash LED

3.5" IPS HVGA Display

3.5-inch HVGA touch screen color display IPS, perfectly functioning even in a daily light. The menu consists of a large icons and inscriptions with large font (there are 6 icons on a single screen).

Long talk time

Standby mode - up to 30 days.
Talk time - up to 10 hours.


GSM 900/1800

Loud and clear sound

The device is equipped with Bluetooth, allowing you to wirelessly connect the car handsfree kit or headphones. Built-in FM radio module also works without the need to connect headphones.

Additional functionality

Bluetooth, docking station, FM Radio, clock, alarm, calendar, built-in flashlight, headset kit in the box.

microSD card support

The device supports microSD external memory cards up to 32GB.

    Long operating time

    A dedicated battery allows for a long operating time without recharging.

    Docking station

    In order to recharge the device, simply place it in a dedicated docking station; you can thus avoid the trouble of plugging in a regular charger every time you want to charge your phone.

    Music Player

    You no longer need any additional equipment to enjoy your favorite music wherever you are. Create playlists, choose your favorite albums, and change the playback settings on the go.

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